Saturday, December 3, 2011

Collecting FAB Modernist Ceramics ...

With a history dating back to Dorset, England in the 1870’s, Poole Pottery, established as an architectural ceramics business featuring tiling, flooring and fireplace surrounds of the day. Growing into a domestic and decorative ware company in the next century and moving from earthenware to clay, the company flourished but like most found itself struggling post war years. The movement to free form patterns and unique shapes and designs challenging the traditional took Poole to a new height with many designers and painters lending their name to this exciting line of pottery.
By the end of the 50’s and for the next two decades and beyond, Poole became all about bold designs and shapes. The exciting Delphis line rolled into production in the early 1960’s and the 1970’s Aegean ware lines were introduced, each piece hand painted with extensive use of rich flowing colors popular to the day, the browns, oranges and yellows gave weighty bold color to the unique abstract  designs.
Poole Pottery became the home of many prolific ceramic visionaries with a key role in the mid-century art and design movement. Sadly after more than a century of production by 2003 Poole Pottery was in dire straights and was sold privately after selling off many of its museum artifacts. Poole Pottery survived the bankruptcy and by 2007 operates under a new group producing giftware and unique pieces.

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