Wednesday, May 29, 2013

“Another bride another June another sunny honeymoon...”

Still topping the wedding charts is the entire vintage theme. Whether regal elegance of an era long passed or the simple home tradition, a vintage wedding is a hot ticket to a perfect day. The tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue (and a sixpence in her shoe), strikes a nostalgic chord at a vintage wedding. An old aunt’s dress, a borrowed veil, a family treasured bride’s string of pearls, are just the start as guests are greeted with historic treats and old fashioned favorites making a vintage wedding a day to remember. 

Along with the vintage theme of nostalgia comes the biggest of traditions, June Bride, a loved old Bette Davis movie title from the 1940’s and a popular song title back in the 1950’s. This most celebrated of wedding months is thought to go as far back as the Romans and the festival honoring Juno, the goddess of marriage and childbirth in the month of June. Couple that with Celtic calendar celebrating the summer solstice and what was called the honey moon and it seems the perfect time to tie the vintage-knot.

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I too was a June bride, just barely squeaking in on the 30th only one year ago and I too had a vintage wedding. Not in an intentional themed party sort of way, but more in a happenstance happy little notice barely planned event after a comical eight year engagement. The rare opportunity to have most all the family in one spot on what was to be a camping at our cottage family birthday celebration weekend turned into a surprise short notice family wedding. Our cottage, being more of a rundown century old shack in a tiny dusty town in the middle of the southern Canadian Prairie was the perfect backdrop for a vintage (not by intent) themed wedding. Of course being in the business of vintage everything we own at the cottage has a certain theme, that of old and used, so couple that with a light hearted family weekend of keeping it simple and you get a vintage wedding that rivaled the likes of those who plan for a year for what we pulled off in ten days.
(Read my last year’s entry here, Man of my Thrift Store Dreams).

Suffice to say with a first anniversary just around the corner, the global vintage wedding theme has grown even more popular and has brides-to-be scurrying in every nook and cranny and thrift stores, looking for not only that perfect wedding dress but also a suiting cake-topper, silk gloves, a vintage hat and a retro going-away-dress to change into post ceremony, custom hand written invitations, charming table toppers and kitschy serving pieces to dish up a family style reception meal, charming old photo albums and guest books  and so much more.

vintage jewelry keepsake
It is as if there is a draw to make the day frozen in time. The way to remember it always may be to keep it timeless and a vintage wedding theme does that in spades.

Happy thrifting!