Thursday, November 7, 2013

Giving Thanks vintage style …

For the northern half of North America Thanksgiving has come and gone by mid-October but for the southern half it is fast approaching late November. The mystery of why this similar celebration sits more than a month apart in Canada and the US has as many folklore reasons as the celebrations has traditions. 
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Regardless of how or where you celebrate the nostalgic memories of a large family feast always spark memories of the days past and those little special reminders of a great time of the year.

The vintage kitschy simple household items that come into play on a family holiday weekend are as revered today as they were back in the day.  

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Perhaps not as dear to the pocket book as they were then still many collectibles are sought after by those recreating the nostalgia and the love of a traditional thanksgiving dinner back in the vintage-loving day.
A special platter or serving dish, a hostess table set and special linens all made the dinner celebration table sparkle.
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For the hostess a dress-apron, a cherished recipe or a surprise new one, welcoming treats for the guests and even a brand new outfit made the day complete.   

Today’s hosts and hostess delight in creating that nostalgic occasion and any vintage lover will tell you it is far more exciting to discover at a yard sale the very same platter dished up at their Grandma’s  back in the day than it is to pop into the kitchen shop at the mall to grab one.  

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Likewise to pour cocktails from a vintage bar cart steeped in sentiment. Recreating a day to remember for future young family members is as important as heaping on the reminiscence of the many family celebrations past.
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Whatever the family occasion and tradition bring out the ‘best’ of table service but remember that it is not always the finery but rather usually the simple everyday treasures that are the best reminders of the passing of traditions on generation to generations, dinner table to dinner table, Thanksgiving to Thanksgiving.
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 Surround yourself and your guests with what you love and has meaning, it does not have to be the very same special carving set of your grandparents, but rather one the same discovered in a great thrift store find tale to tell is often twice as fun.

Celebrate with vintage love,

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