Monday, November 28, 2011


People have been festively decorating for holidays since the beginning of time. From bringing tree branches in to ward off the winter blues, to fresh flowers in a special vase at valentines and even summer fruits and fall harvest to display and decorate the table. During the holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, decorations are always a big part of any festivity.

In these thriftier times making crafty fun and repurposing vintage finds is all about celebrating the simplistic expressions and a draw back to the nostalgia when things seemed so much simpler through the eyes of a child.

I came across a few great finds this holiday season to brighten your home and maybe even give you some inspiration to celebrate in a simpler lifestyle. These delightful vintage silky-sheen ornaments are perfect as they are but are also ideal and simplistic enough to embellish with ribbons, beads, buttons and family keepsakes.

Postcards are fun to collect no matter what the season and these sweet-faced angel ornaments are just darling. But the retro-showstoppers for me are the vintage Santa mugs in their original packaging. So retro sweet they ust make you want to believe in flying reindeers no matter what you celebrate. Enjoy my finds and remember you can always send me some of yours to share.
Happy holiday thrifting,

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