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for a THRIFTY LIFESTYLE (the top 5 featured in above entry)

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6. Retro Clothing FashionEverything is in and nothing is out! Fashion has never been more fun and trend-dresser draw from both the finest and the thrift. Gently loved vintage is as at hot as its designer high priced opposites found on everyone rich, poor and in between!

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7. Mid-Century modern ceramics
With the onslaught of endless off-shore home-dec possibilities in the big box world, the true vintage-lover is turning their nose up to mass produced cheap and happily spending even less on great thrift store finds to accent their home. From cookware to functional pottery to art glass, collectors are hot after the love of the hunt and collecting in a theme to accent their lifestyle.

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8. Industrial
Heavy metal has taken on a whole new life in the love of the industrial look and a drawback to simplicity and mid-century innovation. From industrial green metal desks the weight of a small elephant, to office mid-century grey metal filing boxes of all sizes the loft-style life-style is a perfect fit for this hot trend.

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9. Past century Ephemera
The home office has now moved front and centre to the main hall, stairwell alcove, kitchen or even featured in the family room. The décor surrounding is all about framed maps, interesting paperwork of history, theatre tickets and one-off publications from back in the day that showcase the loved collections of the household.

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10. Vintage Luggage & Carry Cases
These gems of the last century are hotter than ever! The sweet small train case was a ladies must-have back in the day and again has gained huge popularity not just as a novelty item but the perfect case for the retro road trip weekend over-nighter. Retro suitcases are finding their way into up-cyclers heaven becoming wall shelves, dog beds, stereo cabinets, and a crafter's storage solution dream.

See the entry above for the TOP 5 and if you have a favourite be sure and drop me a note!
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